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AAC Block Machine

  • Long service life for the full production line.

  • We have exported 60+ countries.

  • PLC fully automatic control with visual inspection.

  • International leading technology for the cutting machine.

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What The Models Of AAC Block Machine We Supply?

50000 m³AAC Block Machine

50000 m³AAC Block Machine is small aac block production line, it is suitable for small investors, but it needs all the parts. boiler, autoclave, ball mill, aac block cutting machine and so on, we will give you the full quotation list. Get your AAC block machine today.

  • Autoclave: φ2×31m 2set

  • Boiler: DZL4 1set

  • Dry Powder Ball Mill: φ1200×4500mm 1set

  • Wet Grinding Ball Mill: φ1500mm×5700mm 1set

100,000 m³AAC Block Machine

100,000 m³AAC block machine means the capacity is 100000 m³ per year. The aerated autoclave concrete block is lightweight, the density id 500-700 kg/m³.  which reduce the weight of build, this is environmental protection machine. The main raw material is fly ash or sand, and cement, lime, gypsum, and aluminum powder. We will provide you technical guide and installation service.

  • Autoclave: φ2×21m 3set

  • Boiler: DZL4 1set

  • Dry Powder Ball Mill: φ1500×5700mm 1set

  • Wet Grinding Ball Mill: φ1830×7000mm 1set

50000 M3 AAC Block Plant
50000 M3 AAC Block Plant

150,000 m³AAC Block Machine

150000 m³AAC Block Machine means aac block capacity can be 150000m³ per year. The key part aac block cutting machine adopts high precision linear to guide, ensure the cutting accuracy is ±1mm, the cutting surface is smooth without burr. More question, you can let me know.

  • Autoclave: φ2×31m 6set

  • Boiler: DZL4 1set

  • Dry Powder Ball Mill: φ1500×5700mm 1set

  • Wet Grinding Ball Mill: φ1830×7000mm 1set

200,000 m³AAC Block Machine

200000 m³AAC Block Plant capacity can be 200000m³ per year. You can use fly ash or sand, when you use fly ash as the raw materials, the mixing of fly ash and waste slurry can effectively improve the stability of the slurry. If you use sand as the main raw material, you need to use a ball mill to make the silica sand into sand slurry, and then mix it with the waste slurry.

  • Autoclave: φ2×31m 8set

  • Boiler: 6t/h 1set

  • Dry Powder Ball Mill: φ1500×5700mm 1set

  • Wet Grinding Ball Mill: φ1830×7000mm 1set

50000 M3 AAC Block Plant
50000 M3 AAC Block Plant

250,000 m³ AAC Block Machine

The capacity is 250000 m³ annual year.  The main parts pouring mixer and autoclave. The pouring method uses fixed-point casting, and the mold moves by pouring the shuttle. The autoclave adopts the double-end kettle to open the door, and the middle double-line inlet air, which can reduce the time of entering and leaving the kettle and save the building area, and improve the autoclave quality of the AAC block.

  • Autoclave: φ2.5×31m 8set

  • Boiler: 6t/h 1set

  • Dry Powder Ball Mill: φ1800×6400mm 1set

  • Wet Grinding Ball Mill: φ2200×7000mm 1set

300,000 m³AAC Block Machine

300,000m³ AAC block machine the full name is aerated autoclave concrete block machine, The integrated process layout can effectively reduce the construction cost, can improve the automation level of the production line and the safety of production, and use the hydraulic lifting device for the turning spreader and the group spreader. In order to simplify the process and reduce production costs, the mold and side panels can be manually cleaned and oiled. Our factory has 30+ years of production experience and equipment has been distributed in more than 60 countries around the world. Welcome to visit our factory.

  • Autoclave: φ2.68m×31m 8set

  • Boiler: 4t/h 2set

  • Dry Powder Ball Mill: φ1830×6400mm 1set

  • Wet Grinding Ball Mill: φ2200×7500mm 1set

50000 M3 AAC Block Plant

Our AAC Block Machine  Factory Show

aac-block-machine-factory-showSemi-finished workshop
aac block plant manufacturer
aac block plant manufacturer
aac block plant manufacturer

HONGFA AAC Block Machine

AAC block machine is manufactured by HONGFA factory in China, we have 30+ years of manufacturing experience for AAC block machine industry. As the top AAC block machine supplier, we not only supply the high quality of AAC brick machine but also supply the perfect service to you. You can also call them AAC block making machine or AAC brick making machine, this is the same machine.

The main materials for AAC bricks are fly ash or silica sand, which can be the silica material, the main calcium materials are quick lime and cement. Then add the aluminite powder. You can make the AAC block according to a series of the manufacturing process. The AAC block are lightweight, heat insulation, waterproof, sound absorption and good seismic performance.

AAC block making machine usually uses fly ash as raw material, which can effectively treat industrial waste residue, control environmental pollution, and obtain good economic benefits. It is an ideal wall material to replace traditional solid clay brick. At the same time, it has been strongly supported by the national wall reform policy, tax policy and environmental protection policy for many years, and has broad market development prospects.

The AAC block manufacturing process and operational principle, you need to prepare the raw materials, and adjust the ratio of sand or fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum, aluminite powder. Then put them to the pouring mixer. You should put the mixture to AAC mold after mixing. Then keep AAC block body static curing about 1-2 hours. The next step, you should cut the AAC block by cutting unit. And send them into the autoclaves to steam cure about 11 hours. At last, you can get the finished AAC blocks. You packing them and sale. This is the AAC block production line by using AAC block manufacturing machine.

For the AAC block machine, there are some key parts to finished AAC bricks, the jaw crusher to break lime, and ball mill for lime powder. The pouring mixer, AAC block mold, AAC block cutting machine, autoclave to cure the AAC block, steam boiler to supply the steam. All the AAC block manufacturing unit to compose the full AAC block production line. You can contact us for the cost of AAC block machine, we will give you the project report and details price of AAC block machine.

You can learn the operation of AAC block machine easily, it is automatic and PLC controls to saving labor cost. HONGFA can train your workers and give you the formula of AAC block, and install the machine. We have perfect transportation services, don’t worry about your cargo transportation safety issues, our excellent after-sales service team can guarantee all kinds of problems after you purchase equipment, we can solve it within 24 hours. Our factory has more than 1000+ workers, three factories, 300+ processing equipment, and 100+ technical support personnel. Has passed ISO9001 certification.

How to Operate The AAC Block Machine?

This is the operating video of AAC Block Machine, and the AAC block production process and principles. First, the raw materials are mixed, poured, statically maintained, cut, steamed autoclave, and packaged. The whole process can be fully automated, labor saving and high efficiency. We have 30+ years of manufacturing experience for aac block plant, we adopt the advanced technology, all the parts use the famous brand, like Siemens PLC system. The entire AAC block machine design is compact, with a reasonable layout and space saving.

What Is The AAC Block Machine?

As an essential part of new building materials equipment, the aerated autoclaved concrete block machine(AAC block machine)has strong competitiveness in various building equipment. The aerated concrete produced by this equipment will be a new type of booming lightweight building material.

AAC block is made of siliceous materials (sand, fly ash and silicon-containing tailings, etc..) and calcareous materials (lime, cement), blended with a gas-generating agent (aluminum powder) and goes through compounding、stirring、pouring、pre-nurturing、cutting、autoclaving and curing. Because it contains a large number of uniform and small pores after gasification, it is so-called aerated concrete block.

There are mainly two production processes for aerated concrete equipment.

Fly ash aerated autoclaved concrete block and sand aerated autoclaved concrete block production line, technologies of both have reached industry-leading level. Aerated concrete block is mainly produced with river sand, lime and cement. Aluminum paste works as a gas generator. It is a new type of self-insulating and environment-friendly wall material after raw material grinding、ingredients mixing、gas pouring、static stop cutting and autoclaving curing.

In recent years, China’s aerated concrete industry has achieved rapid development.

With the in-depth implementation of the wall reform policy, especially the gradual elimination of solid clay bricks, lightweight lime sand and fly ash aerated concrete blocks will win a broader space for development.

Moreover, Aerated block equipment is also showing a new trend in China, and the general trend is upward. The process of AAC block machine becomes more automated. At present, the automatic aerated concrete block machine significantly improves production efficiency and service life through automatic control、mechanical and electromechanical integration. It realizes the control of a variety of complex processes through a computer to ensure high-quality production.

The aerated concrete plant production line is a fully adaptive system. One set of machine can be seen in the entire production line. Each machine is a piece of the concrete production line, and the coordination of all components between each to ensure high output、high quality and high production efficiency of an aerated block.

Aerated concrete made from aerated concrete equipment is a new type of building material. There are mainly two types: block and board. Load-bearing wall blocks, non-load-bearing wall blocks, and thermal insulation blocks can be made with different formulas and processes. Board can be divided into roof insulation board, insulation floor, and insulation wall panels.

Why Choose to Use AAC Block Machine?

Aerated concrete products have been developed abroad for nearly a hundred years and have now become a pillar industry in the construction industry.

China has introduced AAC block for nearly 40 years, and its production process and equipment are maturing.

Aerated concrete block is a lightweight new wall material with closed microporous. It possesses the characteristics of light weight、heat preservation、heat insulation、waterproof、sound absorption、good seismic performance、convenient on-site processing and high construction efficiency.

The raw materials of AAC blocks are plentiful, especially using fly ash as raw material, which can comprehensively utilize industrial waste residue, control environmental pollution, not damage cultivated land, and create good social and economic benefits.

It is a wall material that can replace traditional solid clay bricks with broad development prospects.

Advantages of Aerated Autoclaved Blocks


Aerated concrete block generally weighs 500-700kg/m3. It is only 1/4-1/5 of clay bricks, and 1/5 of ordinary concrete block.

It is a lighter type brick among all concrete blocks and 40% lower than the weight of ordinary brick with concrete structures.

Volume density of several commonly used building materials

Material nameAerated ConcreteSolid clay brickHollow blockOrdinary concrete
Volume density (kg/m3)400~7001600~1800900~17002000~2400

Good thermal insulation performance

The thermal conductivity of aerated concrete is 1/6 of that of ordinary concrete, and the thermal insulation performance is much better than that of a 240 mm thick clay brick wall.

Thermal conductivity of several common building materials (w/m * k)

Material nameAerated ConcreteSolid clay brickHollow blockGypsum boardOrdinary concrete
Thermal conductivity0.09~0.220.43~0.811.0~1.0460.301.50

Strong aseismic capability

Aerated concrete is of light cement capacity, good overall performance, and low inertial force during earthquakes, so it has a certain seismic capacity.

Good processing performance

Aerated concrete has excellent processing performance and can be sawed, planed, nailed, milled and drilled, which brings great convenience and flexibility for construction use.

High-temperature resistance

The compressive strength increases slightly if the temperature of aerated concrete is below 600 °C.
The compressive strength is close to normal if the temperature of aerated concrete is about 600 °C. Fire performance reaches the national first-class fireproof standard.

Good sound insulation

The internal structure of the aerated concrete is like bread with a large number of closed pores evenly distributed.
That is why it has sound absorbing properties which are not possessed by general building materials.

High Adaptability

It can be produced with different local raw materials under different conditions. Raw materials can be selected from river sand, fly ash, ore and so on.
Wasted material can also be used for production. It is good for environment protection and truly turns waste into treasure.

Technical Requirements for Raw Materials

Technical requirements for Lime

The quality of quicklime is in accordance with JC/T621-1996;
Technical requirements for lime (according to standard JC/T621-1996):

NameSuperior productFirst grade productQualified product
A(CaO+MgO) (%)≥907565
MgO (%)≤258
SiO2 (%)≤258
CO2 (%)≤257
Digestion rate(min)5-155-155-15
Digestion temperature(℃)60-9060-9060-90
Undigested residue(%)≤51015
Fineness (0.080mm) (%)≤101520

Technical requirements for Cement

Varieties: Ordinary Portland cement of 42.5 or 32.5 grades that conform to national standards.

Technical requirements for Fly ash

SiO2≥40%;Al2O3 15~35%;Fe2O3<15%;MgO≤3.5%;
SO3≤2%; LOI <10%;Fineness(0.08㎜)<15%。
SiO2 ≥ 40%; Al2O3 15 ~ 35%; Fe2O3 <15%; MgO ≤ 3.5%;
SO3 ≤ 2%; loss on ignition <10%; Fineness (0.08mm) <15%. Technical requirements for Gypsum CaSO4·nH2O>70%;Fineness(0.08㎜)<15% CaSO4•nH2O>70%; Fineness (0.08mm)<15%

Technical requirements Aluminum powder

The quality of aluminum powder should meet the JC/T407-91 standard for “Aluminum powder for aerated concrete”.

VarietyAcctivated AluminumFineness 0.075mmGas generation rate(4min)(16min)(30min)Water dispersibility
GLS-70≥ 85 %≤ 3 %40-60 %≥90 %≥99 %No pellet
GLS-65≥ 85 %≤ 3 %40-60 %≥90 %≥99 %No pellet

Raw material ratio requirements

Basic ratio requirements:
Fly ash: lime powder: cement: gypsum = 65:20:12:3
Aluminum powder takes 0.08% of the total dry material;
Water/ Material ratio

Remark: Specific parameters are adjustable based on the actual situation of raw materials.

What are the main components of the AAC block machine?

Pouring mixer

The pouring mixer is one material mixing machine before pouring of the steamed aerated concrete body. It is mainly composed of two parts: mixing drum and pouring arm.
Mixing cylinder is cylindrical and consists of an electric motor, a stirring shaft and a spiral stirring blade. The pouring nozzle is controlled by a pneumatic butterfly valve.

The pouring mixer adopts propulsion mixing with fast and uniform stirring speed.

Stirring power comes from the electric motor, and motor rotates in clockwise direction to drive the rotation of stirring shaft and stirring blade.
So material goes through convection up and down in the mixing cylinder through guiding tube and is decomposed and mixed with the dividing vane on the cylinder to realize rapid and uniform stirring.

Main technical parameters

Stirring formMotor powerStirring volumeBlade diameterBlade rotation speed
Guide tube30kwV=3.6m3Φ560mm≧560r/min
Guide tube37kwV=4.5m3Φ630mm≧560r/min

Ball mill

During raw materials preparation, ball mill is the main equipment to grind lime.
You can purchase powdered quicklime directly without purchasing crushers and ball mill equipment.
Ball mill is the key equipment for material smashing after it is crushed.

This type of grinding machine is equipped with a certain number of steel balls in its cylinder as grinding media.

Ball mill should be installed on a solid concrete foundation. For the basic design and construction of the ball mill, please refer to the ball mill assembly drawing and foundation drawing.
To make sure the positional accuracy of the components of the ball mill does not change greatly during use, the basis of ball mill should adopt monolithic structure.

Dry grinding

Dry ball mill adopts the slab-type grinding tail discharge. It is of uniform discharge、grinding-phenomenon free、low failure rate and high work efficiency.
Spindle bearing adopts double-row radial spherical roller to reduce energy consumption and saves costs through less operating auxiliary equipment.

Wet grinding

Wet ball mill has strong adaptability to materials.
It is capable of continuous production and is easy to adjust the fineness of the milled product.
It can also effectively avoid the occurrence of “closed” phenomenon of mineral cracks. Also, it does not produce excessive powder and causes environmental pollution.


The boiler is an energy conversion device. The energy input to the boiler is in the form of chemical energy in the fuel, electric energy, heat energy of high-temperature flue gas, etc., and is converted by the boiler to output steam, high-temperature water or organic heat carrier having certain heat energy.

How can we determine the annual output of a production line based on autoclave and boiler?

One set of an autoclave with a diameter of 2m x 21m and one set of 4-ton boiler compose one production line with an annual capacity of 20,000-50,000 cubic meters;

Two sets of autoclaves with a diameter of 2m x 21m and one set of 4-ton boiler compose one production line with an annual capacity of 50,000-80,000 cubic meters;

Four sets of autoclaves with a diameter of 2m x 31m and one set of 4-ton boiler compose one production line with an annual capacity of 100,000 cubic meters;

Six sets of autoclaves with a diameter of 2m x 31m and one set of 6-ton boiler compose one production line with an annual capacity of 150,000 cubic meters;

Six sets of autoclaves with a diameter of 2m x 31.5m and one set of 8-ton boiler compose one production line with an annual capacity of 200,000 cubic meters;

Eight sets of autoclaves with a diameter of 2m x 31.5m and three sets of 4-ton boilers compose one production line with an annual capacity of 300,000 cubic meters.

Many factors determine the annual production capacity of aerated brick production lines: the number of steaming carts、cutting machine power、the number and specifications of autoclaves、size of boiler equipment and so on.

For customers, the easiest way to know how much the annual output is by checking the number and specifications of the autoclave and the size of the boiler equipment.

In other words, it is to look at the size of the autoclave and the tonnage of the boiler.

We know that a gas boiler is a large-scale equipment and relatively costly. Moreover, of course, the safety requirements are relatively high as well.

So when it comes to choosing a steam boiler, we need to shop around to get the most suitable one. What factors should we consider?

Brand: Users accumulate reputation of a brand, so we have to choose some strong brands. However, don’t blindly select those foreign brands, because they are agents, so they can`t offer timely and accurate after-sales service when a problem occurs.

Performance: The performance of steam boilers includes: exhaust temperature, thermal efficiency, and so on. Higher the thermal energy, better it would be. Moreover, lower the exhaust gas temperature, better it would be.

Service: We should choose a supplier with excellent after-sales service before purchasing. Because once failure occurs, it will affect production right away.

Price: We are comparing not only the cost of steam boilers but also the accessories and operating costs of steam boilers.

Safety: Safety is the most critical factor we need to consider. Safety is the foundation of production.

Operation: Some steam boilers are cumbersome to control and are not easy to use. So we need to consider its practicability.

Energy saving: Energy saving and emission reduction are related to the cost of production, so we need to choose an energy-efficient steam boiler.

Speed: The speed of the start-up will affect our production, so the general steam boiler will not be open every day. If the start-up time is too long, it will not only waste fuel but also spend time.

Configuration: We have to choose not only a boiler body but also soft water equipment, safety valves, sub-cylinders, pump sets, and other accessories.

For the selection of steam boilers, after the heat load and fuel are determined, thorough consideration should be given in combination with the above factors.
Our steam boilers have significant advantages such as high thermal efficiency, convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and high-cost performance.


Autoclave, also known as the steaming kettle, is a large and heavyweight pressure vessel.
The autoclave is widely used for the curing of building materials. Such as aerated concrete blocks, concrete pipe piles, lime and bricks, coal ash bricks, micro-porous calcium silicate boards, new lightweight wall materials, thermal insulation asbestos sheets, high strength gypsum, etc.

The autoclave structure is a steel horizontal cylinder design. The whole body is made of 16MnR steel plate. The body flange and the kettle cover flange are all made of integral 16Mn forgings.

The door seal adopts imported rubber seals produced by professional manufacturers. It is easy to install, has good sealing and long service life. The body support is fixed for different parts, with fixed support, movable support, and end support.
It is better adapted to the thermal expansion and contraction of the kettle body, ensuring the normal operation and service life of the autoclave.

For AAC block machine with annual output less than 200,000 square meters, you can choose an autoclave of φ2x31m.
When the AAC block machine with annual output over 200,000 square meters, the length of the autoclave can be selected based on the length of the cutting machine.
Generally, the length of the autoclave is determined by the layout width of the customer’s site. The autoclave can be replaced with steaming trolley.

AAC Block Cutting machine

AAC block cutting machine is the core equipment of the aerated block production line. It can be divided into two categories based on the cutting method. Ground flip distributed cutting machine and Aerial flip distributed cutting machine.

The flip-cutting machine is mainly based on the blank body walking or the cutting machine fixed type. Fixed distribution cutting machine is mainly composed of a longitudinal (horizontal) cutting machine, a horizontal (vertical) cutting machine, a cutting trolley, track, pneumatic, electrical control system and so on.

It is equipped with a single-sided lift (to replace the blank for replacement) and two cutting trolleys, that is, a double trolley, which can improve the production efficiency of the cutting machine.

Description of Shandong HONGFA aerated concrete cutting unit

Our cutting units are mainly based on fixed-type flip-cutting machines. In the design and manufacture, we absorb the characteristics of the equipment from Germany Company and combine the requirements of the market.

The aerated concrete cutting unit we designed and produced is an advanced cutting machine with leading international level. The host uses a rectangular square tube as a frame to ensure the stability of the device. The cutting wire is tensioned using a cylinder to ensure that each wire is evenly stressed during cutting.

The cross-cutting machine cuts the steel wire through the overall frame swing and completes the low-frequency large swing.
The block body can be cut to the bottom and the surface is finely chopped.

The slitter is equipped with a separate blade and a cleaning tool. The simplified structure can effectively remove waste from the top.

Steps to operate AAC BLOCK MACHINE

First, have stored raw materials metered and sent to casting mixer. After being stirred evenly, casting and pre-curing for a certain time under certain temperature. After block body reaches certain hardness, have mold and the block body hung on the cutting machine through rotating spreader. Flip the spreader for the following functions:

  1. Have mold turned 90 degrees in the air (the side plate of the mold becomes the bottom plate of the support body until the finished product is steamed
  2. Lift the trolley or complete the mold opening and demoulding on cutting support device.
  3. Removed mold frame and returned steamed side panels are recombined into molds, waiting for cleaning、fuel injecting and re-casting.

Steps of cutting block body on cutting machine.

  • Vertically cut on both sides
  • Longitudinal cutting
  • Horizontal cutting

Have cut block body suspended from the semi-finished spreader together with the bottom plate to steam trolley, and then placed into an autoclave for high-temperature steaming.

The finished product will be loaded and packed. Steam the side panels and return.

How do we choose high quality aerated concrete equipment?

How do we choose the right aerated concrete block equipment from so many suppliers? First of all, we need to choose a good manufacturer, quality is the basis and guarantee for production, and secondly, they should have good after-sales service so that we can rest assured if a problem occurs.

Before purchasing the equipment, it would be best if we can conduct an on-the-spot investigation. After all, the quality of equipment directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the products.

You can choose from the following points.

The paint quality of aerated concrete equipment

The quality of the paint is the basis of the equipment, which directly affects the service life of the equipment.

If it rusts in a short time, it will not only affect the appearance of the equipment, but also directly affect the quality of the product.

Equipment line component

Internal components of the equipment line are key components, and they decide the quality of the equipment.

First of all, we should know the working principle of equipment and follow the national standards strictly. For example, we need to check whether the size of the mold box meets the standard.

Even a small error would have an impact on the final output quality. In severe cases, it would affect the application of AAC block directly.
Product production process

The advanced product production process is a good foundation for qualified products.

Fully automatic control can reduce labor intensity and production cost、improve the accuracy of raw material ratio and the quality of products.

Compared with more manufacturers

You will shop around before buying something, the same as the large production line equipment.

Through comparison with different manufacturers, from the aspects of production scale、 number of workers、processing equipment、production process、assembly process、technical strength to soon to find the manufacturer with more competitive strength、 higher market position and is able to provide you the high-quality equipment.

After-sale services

Manufacturers will win customers through various methods, and give many promises when the deposit is not paid, but there are likely to be trapped inside, so it is necessary to distinguish the integrity of a manufacturer and whether they would respect the contract.

In general, large-scale manufacturers can be trusted.

They have more customer service experience and can provide you the right equipment.

Whether the components of the production line are reasonable

The matching principle of production line components should fully consider the reasonable connection of the production processes of each process to ensure efficient and smooth production. For example, from the proportioning of raw materials, the layout of the static room, as well as the layout of the cutting machine, steaming kettle, boiler and other equipment will directly affect the entire production process and determine whether it is conducive for scale expansion.

To maintain the sustainable development of the company, the equipment should be reasonably selected according to the variety and output of the product.

It is preferred to choose versatile and multi-purpose equipment.

When a product has a certain market with good economic benefits and sufficient funds, the production scale can be expanded, and choose equipment that is easy to match the whole production line first.

What should you pay attention to for reliable equipment selection?

The choice of equipment selection is mainly based on your technical requirements for the product.

The practicality、reliability、maintainability and so on of equipment are also important.

The practicability of the equipment includes: the equipment must first meet the technical requirements of production process、production efficiency、flexibility of matching with other components and the assessment of pollution to the surrounding environment.

Economical type: When selecting equipment, you should not only consider the purchase cost also need to check whether it is convenient for maintenance.

Besides, consumption and labor costs are also important factors. Moreover, equipment must have a long service life and high durability.

Serviceable and maintainable: The degree for equipment maintenance is the maintainability of the equipment.

Such as the durability of machine parts, whether the design is reasonable, whether the parts are easy to disassemble and install during maintenance, whether the parts are common, and whether parts are standard.

In the evaluation of the equipment selection plan, you must make a reasonable choice and maximize the economic benefits with existing capital.
In summary, you should consider the technology and finance, also, the production efficiency, process reliability, safety, and environmental protection factors.

Anyway, choose the device that is right for you.